A NICS pediatric hospitalist provides 24/7 inpatient care for pediatric patients from birth to 18 years of age at hospitals in the event of an emergency or if a patient’s primary pediatrician is unavailable. Our hospitalists, who are board certified pediatricians, will address emergencies and illnesses, including bronchiloitis, asthma, pneumonia, dehydration, gastrointestinal infection and anemia. In addition to providing immediate treatment, NICS pediatric hospitalists serve as liaisons between families, sub-specialists and nursing staff to coordinate and communicate with the primary pediatrician.

To learn more about NICS’ pediatric hospitalist program, call 281.477.8660.

  • NICS provides pediatric hospitalists for your ER so that parents in your community will always know that their children are in good hands.


  • Positive reputation for always having a pediatrician available
  • Pediatric hospitalists are always available for consultation in the ER
  • 24/7 specialized, high-quality, inpatient care
  • Treat more patients
  • Fewer patients transferred (unless necessary)
  • No need to recruit physicians or handle practice management
  • Reduced medical liability for your hospital
  • Increased revenue