Newborn Intensive Care Specialists (NICS) provides 24/7 inpatient care to infants up to two months old who are born prematurely, experience difficulties during delivery or show critical health problems through Level II and Level III NICUs.

As a value to your patients and community, NICS uses the latest medical equipment and treatment plans to address the individual needs of each newborn. Our board certified medical team of neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners uses a family-centered, multi-disciplinary approach to neonatal services, delivering better and more cost-effective care to patients.

To learn more about NICS’ neonatology services or to add a NICU to your hospital, call 281.477.8660.


  • Prestige of Level II or Level III NICU
  • 24/7 specialized, high-quality inpatient care for critically ill and premature babies, as well as term and well babies
  • Neonatologist attendance at high-risk deliveries
  • More deliveries at your hospital
  • Fewer patients transferred (unless necessary)
  • Coordination of care with sub-specialists and pediatricians
  • Circumcisions
  • Newborn hearing screenings
  • Care for re-admitted patients up to two months in age
  • No need to recruit physicians or handle practice management
  • Reduced medical liability for your hospital
  • Increased revenue