Does your hospital test for the most common birth defect?

Approximately three in every 1,000 newborns is born with hearing loss, making it the most frequently occurring birth defect. Newborn Intensive Care Specialists, P.A. (NICS) offers an exceptional and comprehensive Newborn Hearing Screening Program to ensure your facility is in compliance with State mandates.  Our focus is on superior care, compassion and efficiency.

All elements are handled for you by our dedicated staff.   Our program staff is comprised of skilled and proficient screeners, administrative team members and a doctor of audiology to ensure a quality and comprehensive program.  All necessary equipment, supplies, and training are provided, eliminating the need to purchase equipment or hire employees.

NICS understands the importance of identifying hearing loss early. Left undetected, hearing impairments may negatively impact speech, language and emotional development, along with future academic achievement. However, if detected, these effects can be diminished — and even eliminated — through early intervention. A NICS hearing screening tests for mild to severe hearing loss.

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Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) — This test measures how the brain responds to sound. Clicks or tones are played through soft earphones into the baby’s ears. Electrodes placed on the baby’s head measure the brain’s response.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) — This test measures sound waves produced by the inner ear in response to sound. A tiny probe is placed just inside the baby’s ear canal. It measures the response (echo) when clicks or tones are played into the baby’s ears.

Both tests are quick (about 5-10 minutes), painless and may be done while a baby is sleeping or lying still. Either or both tests may be used.